Instagram Vs. Reality (Copy & Paste)

This is a picture of Dr. Russ and I at a Kentucky Derby party. You wouldn’t be able to tell that right before this picture I was cleaning up a flood in my basement with a small, Solo plastic cup right before we needed to leave. Our power went out and the amount of rain pouring from the sky was filling our home and Russ wasn’t home to work the generator. My daughter and I grabbed a cup and started filling buckets to empty outside. 

I heard the stories my mind was telling me about how none of this should be happening. I was in full makeup and freshly done hair, which is very rare, and we had been carefully planning and preparing to leave our children for the evening alone for the first time for a long evening away. 

Almost instantly I was able to embrace the stories from the mind and connect with the experience through my heart. This remembrance let me flow and actually enjoy the moment. I felt appreciation for so many things: being able to crouch in the position I was for such a long time, for a roof sheltering us from the water, another beautiful heart that was assisting me without being afraid- my daughter. As I filled my bucket my heart was also filled with true appreciation and joy (really).

It didn’t feel like work while I carried the heavy buckets outback until Russ got home. It felt like an honor to be alive. All of my cells could feel it too. I was feeding them a nourishment beyond what we have been taught. Use this experience and cut and paste into your own life experiences. 

Connecting to the heart is something to remember and practice with whatever life presents to us. 

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Dr. Nicole Bailey Nicole Bailey, D.C. received her bachelor of science degree in biology from Ursinus College. She went on to earn top honors at Life University, where she completed her doctorate of chiropractic degree. A member of the Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania, Nicole volunteers her time and service to various charities and non-profit organizations while also working to empower inner city youth about the significance of chiropractic care.

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