Top 5 Meaningful and Heart-Centered Gifts

Is there someone on your list that you forgot to get something for… (you?!)A meaningful gift that will take you far beyond the holiday season. What could be a better gift than inner freedom?

Here is a list of my TOP 5 MEANINGFUL AND HEART-CENTERED GIFTS for you or others this holiday season and beyond.

1. The Plentitude Collection by Karine Bedard~Beautiful artwork that I use as a powerful visual to connect to myself and create my day.…/plenitude-collection/…

2. Little Friends in my Heart by Dominique Giroux~A children’s book with beautiful illustrations that can be enjoyed by all ages. A must-have in every home library!

3. “What if Money Was Your Best Friend” by Sylvie Olivier~An online self-paced home study course that connects you to your source of true Prosperity.…/what-if-money…/ref/61/

4. Lifetones by VoxAnna~Customized songs personalized for you that allow your system to “wake up” to your unique gifts.

5. Opening with Dr. Nicole~A remote energy reading and virtual alignment for you to allow a new reality to emerge by connecting to the real you.

What are you creating in 2023?

Dr. Nicole Bailey Nicole Bailey, D.C. received her bachelor of science degree in biology from Ursinus College. She went on to earn top honors at Life University, where she completed her doctorate of chiropractic degree. A member of the Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania, Nicole volunteers her time and service to various charities and non-profit organizations while also working to empower inner city youth about the significance of chiropractic care.

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