The Experience of Discomfort When Routines Change

Typically on vacation you feel off the first day or so because you are in a new place- different coffee mug, you may not have your preferred creamer, different bed, etc. It can be exciting when away and the stress of everyday life has decreased. What do you do in this vacation-mode environment? Well, typically you relax, have fun, and stop wondering what you have/don't have that's normally part of your routine that keeps you feeling very safe. 

Now, why does the way we handle our routine bring disruption at home and feel so complicated? Maybe one of the kids is sick and you can't get your workout in, or maybe you feel like you need more sleep and just don’t “feel like yourself.”

Every time we choose to uplevel in our conscious awareness our routine changes- it has to. The autopilot thoughts of worry, and the familiar feelings of being less than are ready to move out. Perhaps there is a new discomfort in the physical body during this time.

The point is that changing your routine involves awareness. This awareness can bring discomfort to any part of the body- mentally, emotionally, and/or physically. You are releasing the old you.

Isn’t it wonderful? The old you got you to this point and now it's time to welcome a new you- consciously.

When you feel the discomfort or even pain of the uplevel, invite it in for a hug and connect to the sensations of love from within. Allowing your heart and divinity to shine more and more will make this change much more enjoyable.

Invite whatever presents itself to you as the gift it is, receive it with your heart, and stay aligned with the certainty of this connection. This is how you consciously rebuild your new being from and within your divinity.

Dr. Nicole Bailey Nicole Bailey, D.C. received her bachelor of science degree in biology from Ursinus College. She went on to earn top honors at Life University, where she completed her doctorate of chiropractic degree. A member of the Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania, Nicole volunteers her time and service to various charities and non-profit organizations while also working to empower inner city youth about the significance of chiropractic care.

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