Part 1: Your Vitality and the (Dreaded) Flu

"My son's entire class and so many of the teachers are out with the flu," said one of our practice members to Dr. Russ this week with a leery tone.

He responded with, "Well, you just got your flu shot."

They both laughed as she got up off of the adjusting table. We have heard lots of these stories over the last few weeks, all with the same underlying thick tone of fear.

It can really stink not to feel well, no matter how old you are. However, the symptoms themselves are a prime example of our resilience as humans. From the way the body produces a fever to kill the bug, from the congestion and cough, which are all ways the body gets rid of the virus. When you really think about it, it's miraculous. Every sniffle, cough, tissue, and throat lozenge can be reminders of the vitality flowing through us, rather than the misery we make it. The truth is that we have an amazing intelligence within us that coordinates and controls every single cell, tissue, and organ in our body.

It is this wisdom that we as chiropractors assist with during the chiropractic adjustment. That is why Dr. Russ said that she just received her flu shot. He was reaffirming her body's incredible power, and also bringing her to a place of certainty, rather than fear. When in fear, we don't have access to all of life's resources. Fear can also depress our immune system, making it easier for us to be susceptible to flu viruses. The next time you hear stories from your colleagues or hear about the flu on the news, or even experience the symptoms yourself, be reminded with the certainty of your body's power and resilience. Let it be an opportunity for you to reconnect to your power that we often forget.



Dr. Nicole Bailey Nicole Bailey, D.C. received her bachelor of science degree in biology from Ursinus College. She went on to earn top honors at Life University, where she completed her doctorate of chiropractic degree. A member of the Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania, Nicole volunteers her time and service to various charities and non-profit organizations while also working to empower inner city youth about the significance of chiropractic care.

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