The Power of the Adjustment

         Yes, it’s great for aligning the body, which not only reduces pain & allows for the greater overall function of the body- supporting the body to come to its natural state of ease. Yes, ease is the natural state of the body. Sometimes, that can be hard to hear when we are conditioned to believe things should be tough or that we need to work harder to power through. The struggle is “real” or is it just something we have been conditioned to buy in to? The truth is that struggle of any kind is just a pattern in our nervous system.

           What if we choose something different? What if we chose to come into our body & feel our own wisdom? The adjustment allows us to do this– to access our deeper knowing. It allows us to re-pattern our brain to a state of ease which equals less fear and more love, which is the fabric from which we are made. Also, less fear & more love equals greater access to our intuition and awareness.  More awareness means less depression, pain, anxiety, lower blood pressure, fewer colds, faster healing, better stress management, longer lifespan, a happier life, & happier relationships! All of this because you are connected at a deeper level to your own wisdom. Yes, and more, please.

           Do you feel mostly ease within your body or is it trying to get your attention with pain and discomfort?

Dr. Nicole Bailey Nicole Bailey, D.C. received her bachelor of science degree in biology from Ursinus College. She went on to earn top honors at Life University, where she completed her doctorate of chiropractic degree. A member of the Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania, Nicole volunteers her time and service to various charities and non-profit organizations while also working to empower inner city youth about the significance of chiropractic care.

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